The 2016-17 Choreographic Exercise elements are as follows:

Theme: Fantasy
Creating an alternate universe by demonstrating unique body movement and gestures outside of everyday life.

Choreographic Process: Retrograde/Auto-reverse
A choreographic sequence is performed in a specific order and then repeated in reverse.

Body Movement/Gesture: Allegro/Fast and Lively 
Energetic and quick tempo of body movement.

Additional information and videos will be posted as they become available.

You can watch the 2016-17 CE Demonstration here

Retrograde is the performance of a series of steps and or movements – a series (or can also be called a motif). The series is repeated but started at the end and performed in reverse order until ending at the beginning shape or move. Like a watching a video being rewound.

To help visualize this concept, watch this video. Watch from the beginning. The first section (which is labeled Repetition) demonstrates the series. The next section is the Retrograde of that original series.