ALL teams will be eligible for the creative awards this year!  The divisions will be divided into two groups.

Group I

Preliminary, Open, Intermediate, Special Olympics.

The creative awards for Group 1 will be presented on Saturday during the Intermediate/Novice Award Ceremony.

Group II

Novice, Junior, Senior, Adult

The creative awards for Group II will be presented on Sunday during the Junior/Senior Award Ceremony.

Awards will be presented in the following categories to both groups:

Best Costume & Make-Up

Costume and make-up design must enhance the performance in a way that helps create a unique universe.  The costume and make-up design, quality and the creative functionality are elements that will be considered.

Best Visual Effects

The best utilization of space, sets, and props must enhance the visual aspects of the performance and help create the universe.  Set design, quality, and creative functionality are elements that should make the performance stand out.

Best Original Theme/Storyline

An original story, emotion, or theme expressed through choreography, music, costumes, and performance should develop and explain the original work of art.  Creativity, imagination, clarity, intention, and quality of performance must be of the highest caliber.

Best Adaptation of a Known Work

The adaptation of an existing story, musical, movie, or play should be presented in a creative way that makes the story become unique.  Attention to music, costumes, sets, and choreography should be used to make the adaptation an exclusive performance.